Operator Training Simulators

RFID PASS custom dynamic models and operator training simulators (OTS) help train operators to maintain the most ideal and dependable plant operations possible.

In the start-up phase, our OTS services will help ensure that the plant’s DCS configuration and control strategy are optimal before application in the actual plant.

In the re-instrumentation phase, RFID PASS conducts maintenance and upgrades existing simulators to align with the latest plant and DCS configurations.

In any phase OTS services ensure operators are thoroughly and quickly trained, at a savings to the project costs, to operate the new plant.

Our OTS and DCS experience is extensive. Please review our training and control portfolio:

  • IGCC OTS training and installation for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries/JGC, Yokohama, Japan
  • Qatar Gas OTS training program, Qatar
  • BP Endicott gas plant OTS and DCS instructor training, Alaska
  • Shell FCC unit OTS instructor training, Anacortes, Washington
  • MEMC Electronics, Inc. DCS training, Pasadena, TX
  • Qatar Gas Training Simulator Support
  • Dynamic Simulator for BP Gas Processing Plant (GC1 and Endicott).
  • Segas LNG Simulator connected with Yokogawa DCS
  • Qatar gas Utilities complex Operator Training simulation.
  • FCCU Operator Training Simulator-OTS (Shell)
  • Crude and Vacuum unit OTS simulator (Conoco Phillips)
  • BTX separation Operator Training Simulation (ConocoPhillips)
  • Hydrotreater Operator Training Simulator (Petrocanada)
  • Qatar Gas Plant OTS Consulting that included 16 Indian Engineers.
  • Off-shore platforms/Gas processing Operator Training Simulator (Pemex).
  • Alkylation Unit Operator Training Simulator (Atlas/Pennzoil)
  • Xylene separation column and detailed multi-fuel Furnace OTS (Singapore Aromatics/Exxon)
  • Various Furnaces/BMS OTS
  • Integrated BFW, Steam Production (boilers) Furnace and Steam distribution and Flue Gas Treatment (FGT) system OTS
  • Compressed Air System Process and controls verification studies and OTS
  • Various Furnaces/BMS OTS
  • Aromatics Complex Operator Training Simulation for the El Palito (PDVSA) Refinery
  • Sulfur Recovery unit with Scott reactor and amine regeneration Operator Training Simulator
  • Sulfur Recovery unit with Sulfreen reactor Operator Training Simulator
  • Hydrogen Production Plant Operator Training Simulator (Total technology)
  • Ammonia Production Operator Training Simulator (KBR Technology)



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