Mission Statement

We are a small but rising engineering group that is committed to making a difference for our clients and partners, and value our reputation as a caring, quality, and dependable service provider above all. We want to help our customers and partners succeed while providing career fulfillment and advancement for our engineers and growth for our organization. We offer a very high level of expertise in dynamic simulation and controls, being proficient in several dynamic simulation softwares, and we want to bring that expertise to any oil & gas, chemical, and engineering companies who want to increase their ROI through the use of advanced process technology. We serve our clients from the USA and take pride in the caliber of our engineers' US master's-level education and working proficiency.

Our company will implement the best cutting-edge process modeling and engineering, custom tailored to our client's unique scenario, to improve their productivity, cost-effectiveness, return on investment, and safety.

Our company's values are simple:

    Trust: We strive to maintain the highest level of business ethics and honesty in our relationships with our clients and partners above everything, including potential commercial gain.

    Quality: We hold our engineers and our work to a very high standard, often beyond even what is required for the project we are working on.

    Reliability: We want our clients to feel that they can depend on RFID PASS to finish the job on time and on specification with open communication throughout the life of the project. We want our customers to boast about our work after we've had the privilege to serve them.



RFID & Process Automation Services, LLC

Suite 313
9950 Westpark Drive
Houston, TX 77063

ph. 713.256.0925
fax 713.965.4390