Flare Analysis

RFID PASS’s engineering services include custom dynamic modeling based on fundamental engineering theory for many types of chemical processes. As a result, we can model systems including flare headers, knockout drums, and relief valves. This enables us to accurately evaluate pressure changes in the knockout drum depending on flare gas dynamics and flow rates. In addition, system controls delivering proper amounts of oxygen or air feed may be designed using dynamic simulation-based engineering studies.

Our dynamic simulation expertise results in a much more accurate design, thoroughly accounting for various system disturbances and what-if scenarios. As a consequence, flare flow rates and equipment sizes are calculated much more accurately: resulting in a more cost- and time-effective design.

Flare systems analyzed and modeled by RFID PASS can be maintained and built with a much higher degree of confidence and ease because of our commitment to first-principle based engineering and dynamic simulation. Our experienced engineers have been doing simulation and engineering studies for over 10 years. Adding RFID PASS services to your flare project will bring the edge of expertise and specialty in dynamic simulation to your endeavor.



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