Engineering Portfolio

Our company has been serving companies out of Houston for ten years. As a result, we've completed a multitude of process engineering, control, and simulation projects:

MEMC | Poly-silicon Production Facility:
TDC-Experion PKS Controls design, troubleshooting, and start-up / comissioning services for the operating plant.
BP | Gas Processing Plant - GC1 and Endicott:
Dynamic simulator
BP Amoco | Oxidation and Purification section with Hot Crystallizers and Hydrogenation reactor:
PTA Operator Training Simulator
BP Amoco | Para-Xylene Operator Training Simulator (Cold crystallizers and Closed-loop Multi-Stage Compressor):
Operator Training Simulator
Chevron Escravos | Gas to Liquid Facility:
Detailed engineering and P&ID development.
ConocoPhillips | BTX Separation Unit:
Operator Training Simulator
ConocoPhillips | Crude and Vacuum Unit:
Operator Training Simulator
Singapore Aromatics / Exxon | Xylene Separation Column and Detailed Multi-Fuel Furnace:
Operator Training Simulator
KBR Technology | Ammonia Production:
Operator Training Simulator
Qatar Gas | Gas Plant:
Operator Training Simulator consulting
Qatar Gas | Utilities complex:
Complex Operator Training Simulator
Saudi Kayan & KBR | Ethylene Facility:
Controls P&ID development.
Shell | Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit:
Operator Training Simulator
Shell | Refinery Unit Ops and Utilities:
Detailed engineering studies for process and controls verfication. Start-up / shut down. Safety issues.
Honeywell | Multiple Reactors:
Modeling, FSC, PLC, and CL implementation on Honeywell, Yokogawa and Foxboro DCS.
Honeywell, Texaco, Nippon Oil, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, JG | Gasification section of IGCC:
Multi simulator / platform simulation
Invensys Simsci-Esscor | Aromatics Complex:
Operator Training Simulator
Invensys Simsci-Esscor | Coker Fractionation Pressure Relief System:
Engineering studies
Invensys Simsci-Esscor | Hydrotreater Stabilizer and Main Frac Pressure Relief Systems:
Engineering studies
Invensys Simsci-Esscor, Sinopec | Refinery-Wide Steam Utilities Complex:
Engineering studies
Invensys Simsci-Esscor | Sulfur Recovery Unit with Scott Reactor and Amine Regeneration:
Operator Training Simulator
Invensys Simsci-Esscor | Sulfur Recovery Unit with Sulfreen reactor:
Operator Training Simulator
Invensys Simsci-Esscor | Various Furnaces:
BMS Operator Training Simulator
Ameriven | Hydrogen production:
Dynamic simulation using Honeywell's ShadowPlant.
Pemex | Offshore platforms / gas processing:
Operator Training Simulator
Atlas / Pennzoil | Alkylation unit:
Operator Training Simulator
Petrocanada | Hydrotreater:
Operator Training Simulator
Repsol | Liquefied Natural Gas:
Front-end engineering design.
Seagas | Liquefied Natural Gas Plant:
Simulator connected with Yokogawa DCS
Total technology | Hydrocracker, SRU, Hydrogen Production Plant:
Operator Training Simulator



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